Welcome to Shapeville USA

Welcome to Shapeville USA, where learning math is anything but square. Our website www.MathisBasic.com   is a free site for your children’s use to explore, learn, appreciate and further their abilities to learn about all aspects of math and to practice their skills. Learning the skills to solve all kinds of problems is just part of what we will try to accomplish. Our larger goal is to get student’s to learn in a non-threatening and encouraging environment.

In addition to combing You Tube for contributing authors we will be using our cast of characters to teach concepts and skills and to help make practice fun.

A major component of this website is to test a student’s knowledge and what he or she has learned. The value of the feedback in taking these tests is twofold; first to help the student track his or her progress and second to give the student practice to place him or her at ease in taking tests in a non-threatening environment and prepare for the real thing. Taking tests unfortunately is a necessary evil in a student’s academic life. Practice not only makes perfect but also settles the mind.

This is a website where I hope you will participate and share your reflections and ideas. In addition to exploring multiple sources for content and creating our own to bring your children good subject matter, we would appreciate your ideas as to what to present and how to present the material to enhance every student’s learning experience.

Please feel free to add your comments and criticism if need be.

To pay for this site and keep it free for your children’s use, we have engaged Google’s Adsense program to help cover the cost. Please look at their ads and where your interest is peaked please give the advertisers a nod.


Tom Monahan